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  • 2014
    • August

      • 08/14/14
        Yesterday was a long cold run through the rain.

        We left the Israel river campground a bit late, and shortly after starting off it started to rain. And then didn't stop. Plus the temperature went from being in the mid twenties down to a high of between 16 and 17.

        We sto

      • busy day
        Went from New York to Vermont to New Hampshire today. New York (at least the parts we went through) was nice but not spectacular. Looks like a lot of the towns have been hit by the economic situation the last few years... you see lots of boarded up shops, derelict buildings, places closed down.

      • In the USA
        Made it to Cornwall last night just before dark.

        Managed to cross the border without too many international incidents.

        We had to swap helmet visors every time we changed drivers - Cindy only brought a tinted visor (which in the dark makes you close to blind)

        Bugs did

      • 08/11/14
        Packing the bike - and about to head out.

        As usual we're leaving from the in laws place in Ajax (Cindy had to finish off some work stuff as well, and work is in Ajax plus the in laws are watching our chihuahua Frida so it just makes sense)]http://smu.

      • Some prep done
        We're getting ready to leave.. originally we had thought to leave on the weekend, but now we have pushed that to Monday morning early so we can get a few things done.

        I did get the video from the adventure ride from our August sidecar rally done... finally. Editing is rough, but it

      • And it all starts again....
        Back in 2009 I decided the best way to attend the memorial for my grandfather Jack was via motorcycle.

        Sounds simple... but the bike a Russian made beast with a limited top speed, and the memorial was on the west coast... about 4600km away... one way. During the ride I did a puppet sho