Thursday, August 14, 2014, 09:27 AM
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Yesterday was a long cold run through the rain.

We left the Israel river campground a bit late, and shortly after starting off it started to rain. And then didn't stop. Plus the temperature went from being in the mid twenties down to a high of between 16 and 17.

We stopped around noon to warm up - at a mcdonalds that had for some reason left the air conditioning on so we didn't warm up at all.

Shame it was cold and wet because the scenery was spectacular - the curving mountain roads going from Vermont into Maine were incredible. The occasional waterfall or stretch of river punctuating the green clad slopes as we climbed and dove on ever-twisting patches of asphalt.

We reached Newport and considered calling it a day, but the hotel there wanted way too much (didn't want to setup camp in the rain)

Cindy said they were giving us the "wet motorcyclist rate"

We pushed on to Bangor - we did pass some mildly scary bates motel lookalikes, but it wasn't too far even with us being tired and cold and wet - and we wanted a bigger hotel with laundry. Dry and warm and clean clothes are a very nice thing .

So we ended up at the Howard Johnson's in Bangor. We peeled off our soaked gear (my gloves leaked a bit of dye onto my hands during the day, but the Barbour jacket did a decent job for a garment designed in 1927)

We asked the front desk for a restaurant recommendation and got pointed to "the ground round". When we asked what it was like - the person at the desk just said. "It's the ground round!" As though that explained everything.

Was a decent place - I had a BLT burger on foccaccia bread and Cindy had some chicken pasta. Didn't need to be spectacular, we just needed some warm food and then a retreat to the hotel.

We're doing a late start today - but we are not terribly far from New Brunswick now. Not too far from the sea, and after that the main goal is done.

Though we still have much to see... And miles to go before we sleep.
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