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Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 08:57 AM
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Made it to Cornwall last night just before dark.

Managed to cross the border without too many international incidents.

We had to swap helmet visors every time we changed drivers - Cindy only brought a tinted visor (which in the dark makes you close to blind)

Bugs didn't help - so many out we had to scrape our visors as we drove, which is always a pleasant experience.

Got to the Ponderosa campground, setup our tent in the dark, promptly broke the tend and slept on a rocky slope all night rather than move the tent.

About usual for us camping that would be.

Now we're having breakfast and going shopping for some things we forgot.

Also usual for us on a trip. I forgot spare shoes and only have my motorcycle boots.
Which might look odd if we spend a day walking around somewhere.

So far - going well. We're both happy, not in prison and nobody's dead.

I think some relatives lost money in the betting pool.
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