Some prep done 
Friday, August 8, 2014, 11:58 PM
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We're getting ready to leave.. originally we had thought to leave on the weekend, but now we have pushed that to Monday morning early so we can get a few things done.

I did get the video from the adventure ride from our August sidecar rally done... finally. Editing is rough, but it works and its uploaded to the ever handy youtube now.

Now just to get all the packing finished... laundry... double check we have everything... got all the electronics together and make sure the chargers are in place... make sure we have all the motorcycle gear... etc etc.

Trips get more complicated when you have to pack everything on one luggage rack, and weather proof it.

Going to be interesting seeing how the camping gear works out... one tiny quick raise tend... two sleeping pads... two lightweight sleeping bags.... that should hopefully allow for comfy sleeping.

(With luck.)

Just a couple days to go... Monday night we should be out of Canada and into the US. From there on, it's all unexplored territory as far as we're concerned.
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