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Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 09:24 PM
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Went from New York to Vermont to New Hampshire today. New York (at least the parts we went through) was nice but not spectacular. Looks like a lot of the towns have been hit by the economic situation the last few years... you see lots of boarded up shops, derelict buildings, places closed down.

Still nice little towns mind you, but clearly not what they once were.

Vermont was a land of lakes at first, then mountains. Curvy roads, little valleys with farms and small little villages tucked in with just a few places visible. Incredibly scenic. Almost tempts to explore more, but I think we're better off keeping to an easterly direction. We have an ocean to get to after all, and quite a few KM before we get there.

We're just barely into New Hampshire really... we reached Lancaster, then went on the web just long enough to find a few campgrounds. We're at the Isreal River Campground just a bit east of Lancaster. Not very scenic but it is inexpensive and has electrical hookups so we can recharge our gear.

Interesting how that has become part of travelling.... the electronics we carry, the WIFI we use to communicate with the world. Travel used to be about the disconnect, the unplugging from the world. Bt for the most part now, you don't unplug and you tweet, facebook update, and even blog about every little thing that happens.

(Which I am just as guilty of, and a willing participant in... but it is interesting to ponder how that has changed.)

I remember going out West from Toronto as a kid, a few of us packed into a rusty pickup and my brother and I riding in the back. My father stopping to replenish the cooler and at night when he couldn't drive any more and needed to sleep. No electronics, no internet... just long miles and staring out at the slowly evolving scenery.

I think that experience really defined my notion of travel, and is part of why I enjoy motorcycle and sidecar trips.

In a car.. especially these days... you are disconnected from the world around you. You see things through glass, have air conditioning and heating and often a DVD player or music going in the backseat.

On a bike, you are in the open air. I've felt the temperature change in the Rockies from a sweltering heat to below freezing as the bike climbed above the snowline - breathed in the scent of an olive grove under harvest in France. I've felt the heat of Tel Aviv and fought the headwinds across the prairies.

You can't see the impossible prairie sky from within a car. In a car you just see what the window shows you. And it isn't enough.

But all this is a bit of a sidetrack.

Tomorrow... we keep heading east.

We've got an ocean to get to. A little goal of mine to meet... to go coast to coast. If not all at once.

And to see new sections of sky, without all that glass in the way.

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