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Thursday, August 7, 2014, 08:37 PM
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Back in 2009 I decided the best way to attend the memorial for my grandfather Jack was via motorcycle.

Sounds simple... but the bike a Russian made beast with a limited top speed, and the memorial was on the west coast... about 4600km away... one way. During the ride I did a puppet show with paleontologists, had a GPS try and kill me, and was nearly decapitated by a house... with me and the bike standing still at the time.

That story can be found here: ... asing+jack

Since then we've driven a sidecar through Provence, France... and then met up with a group of WW2 fighter pilots and my awesome grandmother. (Who worked in Code and Cipher during the war, among other things.) That trip you can read about here - ... 8&t=31

Along the way I've done the Mad Bastard Scooter rally - where I've dressed in costume and been offered a Banana by a helmeted ape on a scooter... ... rspective/

So what, you might ask, is my point?

My point is I rarely know how my trip is going to turn out. (Which is why I am still amazed my wife Cindy is willing to go along on them with me.)

And now, you'll be able to follow along as well - in this blog, which I will try to update every day or so. Depending on how many times I managed to avoid house decapitation THIS time round.
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