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Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 08:57 AM
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Made it to Cornwall last night just before dark.

Managed to cross the border without too many international incidents.

We had to swap helmet visors every time we changed drivers - Cindy only brought a tinted visor (which in the dark makes you close to blind)

Bugs didn't help - so many out we had to scrape our visors as we drove, which is always a pleasant experience.

Got to the Ponderosa campground, setup our tent in the dark, promptly broke the tend and slept on a rocky slope all night rather than move the tent.

About usual for us camping that would be.

Now we're having breakfast and going shopping for some things we forgot.

Also usual for us on a trip. I forgot spare shoes and only have my motorcycle boots.
Which might look odd if we spend a day walking around somewhere.

So far - going well. We're both happy, not in prison and nobody's dead.

I think some relatives lost money in the betting pool.
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Monday, August 11, 2014, 11:12 AM
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Packing the bike - and about to head out.

As usual we're leaving from the in laws place in Ajax (Cindy had to finish off some work stuff as well, and work is in Ajax plus the in laws are watching our chihuahua Frida so it just makes sense)]

Frida isn't convinced we're allowed to leave her.
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Some prep done 
Friday, August 8, 2014, 11:58 PM
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We're getting ready to leave.. originally we had thought to leave on the weekend, but now we have pushed that to Monday morning early so we can get a few things done.

I did get the video from the adventure ride from our August sidecar rally done... finally. Editing is rough, but it works and its uploaded to the ever handy youtube now.

Now just to get all the packing finished... laundry... double check we have everything... got all the electronics together and make sure the chargers are in place... make sure we have all the motorcycle gear... etc etc.

Trips get more complicated when you have to pack everything on one luggage rack, and weather proof it.

Going to be interesting seeing how the camping gear works out... one tiny quick raise tend... two sleeping pads... two lightweight sleeping bags.... that should hopefully allow for comfy sleeping.

(With luck.)

Just a couple days to go... Monday night we should be out of Canada and into the US. From there on, it's all unexplored territory as far as we're concerned.
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And it all starts again.... 
Thursday, August 7, 2014, 08:37 PM
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Back in 2009 I decided the best way to attend the memorial for my grandfather Jack was via motorcycle.

Sounds simple... but the bike a Russian made beast with a limited top speed, and the memorial was on the west coast... about 4600km away... one way. During the ride I did a puppet show with paleontologists, had a GPS try and kill me, and was nearly decapitated by a house... with me and the bike standing still at the time.

That story can be found here: ... asing+jack

Since then we've driven a sidecar through Provence, France... and then met up with a group of WW2 fighter pilots and my awesome grandmother. (Who worked in Code and Cipher during the war, among other things.) That trip you can read about here - ... 8&t=31

Along the way I've done the Mad Bastard Scooter rally - where I've dressed in costume and been offered a Banana by a helmeted ape on a scooter... ... rspective/

So what, you might ask, is my point?

My point is I rarely know how my trip is going to turn out. (Which is why I am still amazed my wife Cindy is willing to go along on them with me.)

And now, you'll be able to follow along as well - in this blog, which I will try to update every day or so. Depending on how many times I managed to avoid house decapitation THIS time round.
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