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How do you honour someone special...

We did it with a trip across a good chunk of Canada in their name. Chasing Jack is a story of going from Toronto to Victoria, BC in order to attend my Grandfather Jack's memorial. Along the way we found out quite a bit about the country we live in, and remember a few stories about Jack.
Also soon to be put up on here as a full writeup.

Katie's Blog
The Koala speaks...

When we were doing the Chasing Jack trip - we couldn't unfortunately bring my daughter. So she sent along her stuffed Koala, Katie. And Katie of course had to write things in her own... unique.... perspective.
Ever wonder what a stuffed Koala might thing of a sidecar? Well read this blog and you just might find out.
Or you'll find large amounts of evidence that the people carrying the Koala need great amounts of therapy.


Below are some sites I have written the occasional blog on - though they may be less than up to date.

My CURD forum blog

My 2011 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally Blog

Fresh News
All the updates that aren't really fit to print...

See my Blog page for the latest happenings. Well, mostly non happenings really.
Updated on 7th May 2011

Scoottoronto is the best thing since cubed bread!!...

“ Before Scoottoronto, my life seemed oddly empty. Now it still seems oddly empty, but I have a quote on a webpage!
Thank you Scoottoronto! „
- Irwin P. Nightly, Weeville, ON